Lone Star Pomade

About Lone Star Pomade

Welcome to Lone Star Pomade, LLC.™ (LSP), a fresh new look at water-soluble pomades that took a number of proto-types and intensive testing on many types of hair to develop our formula. This formula was designed for both men and women in mind by using ingredients to help with styling, thermal protection and curl retention. Women will notice this while rolling pin curls or using flat irons, hot curlers and curling irons to ensure a nice defined curl. Unlike most traditional wax based pomades, giving you the feel of the traditional wax/grease pomade in something that can be easily washed out. In the development of LSP's first product line, we have designed two different types of pomade, Classic (regular hold) and Super (Heavy hold) water-soluble pomades. Both of which are able to hold many different hair styles:

Modern, Retro, Fauxhawks, Mohawks, Defined curls, Old-School hair styles from the 1940's and 1950's, Victory Rolls, Business cuts, Slick backs, D.A.’s, Flattops and Pompadours.

LSP™ water soluble pomade products were designed using DI water and do not contain petrolatum or waxes, which means it will wash out quickly without degreasers or heavy stripping shampoos. With our first products not containing petrolatum or waxes, it took considerable research to keep the pomade feel, but by using modern styling polymers in our ingredients, it gave us that wax like texture with additional holding properties that today’s styles require. 

This gives the product a waxy gummy like texture, which is a major factor for our pomade product. The gummy texture helps to make styling feel as if you're using a petrolatum based pomade. Its consistency is like that of a tacky, stringy substance where most water-soluble pomades tend to feel like a dense gel. 

The consistency in LSP™ products has given us the ability to hold thick hair and/or finer hair (fly-a-ways) and to keep the parts clean and defined. The pomade is also colorless, which we thought went better with the fresh clean scent of our fragrance. LSP™ covers areas that most other water-soluble pomades do not focus upon, such as climate control, resistance to high and low humidity and the ever-changing climate and humidity of the Texas weather.